12 reasons for moving to West Hollywood

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Before you hire local movers West Hollywood to relocate you here, let us tell you something more about West Hollywood. We don’t have any doubts that you won’t change your mind about moving to West Hollywood, you might even want to come here sooner.

1. Diversity

WeHo is the city of up-and-coming stars and those who want to look like them. This city attracts lots of different people to move here. They are seeking fame, money and career. This city is also the pulse of LGBT population. You will enjoy expressing your uniqueness and creativity in this city. Also, you will have a chance to learn about other cultures and different people.

2. Fresh ingredients every day at Farmers Markets

If you are looking for fresh ingredients while meeting your neighbors and locals that are selling them, you will be glad to hear that there are farmers markets every day here. There is one on Melrose Place, one on the Sunset Strip, Fountain Ave and the one at the Groove.

3. Now that we mentioned food…

Diverse city can promise you great and diverse food. Maxican, Italian, Japanese, American food… Whatever your heart desires, you will find it here. And not only restaurants, but coffee shops as well. No doubt you will find amazing desserts here. Everything can be served as a vegan meal as well.

4. Pet friendly

WeHo is the hippest city in California that we know. You can take your best friend pretty much anywhere. And no, we are not talking only about the restaurants and cafes, but gyms, yoga classes. So when we say anywhere, we mean it! 

5. Parks

You will find the real park in WeHo. Pan Pacific Park is pretty extravagant by Los Angeles’s shabby park standard. The best part – it sits next to the community pool that is open year-round. 

6. You can enjoy the active lifestyle

Not only you will see shirtless people that are great looking all around you, but in this city everyone takes care about their look. Whether they go to the gym, hiking on local trails, running down the boulevards… WeHo residents are pumped up for fitness. We recommend rooftop yoga. 

7. Halloween

Halloween is a big thing here, probably bigger than anywhere else. The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is so iconic that many think it was inspiration for Michael Jackson’s famous song, Thriller. It is also the second largest event of the year in SoCal and brings in thousands of visitors. Tons of entertainment, costume contests, bar specials all night long… What else could you need for a great party?

8. It’s all about fun

In West Hollywood it is all about fun, you will never be bored in this city, we can assure you. You can live and breath rock and roll here. Or go to wine tasting. Enjoy amazing art exhibitions. Visit the Sunset Strip to experience the best nightlife. Bars and clubs are open all night long and they offer special drinks. Hey, don’t forget Route 66 where you can enjoy shopping or delicious restaurants.

9. Schools

Ok, it is not all about fun and games, there are great schools in West Hollywood as well. In the city you will find 2 public schools and 14 private schools. However, students here have access to the entire Los Angeles area. And not only schools, but colleges as well. 

10. Melrose Trading Posts

Looking for furniture, classic record, clothes, funky jewelry or anything? You will find it in the Melrose Trading Post. This is a weekly freal market and top destination for trendsetters. 

11. The Grove

Once you are in West Hollywood, you can’t avoid The Grove. It is filled with tourists, but you will see a musical fountain, a selection of candy apples and free open air concerts and movies screenings.

12. Move to the West Hollywood, so you don’t have to park here

West Hollywood is the worst place when it comes to parking. Parking signs are written in riddles. It is very hard for anyone to manage to deal with it. Lucky for you, WeHo is one of the most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods in Los Angeles. If you live here, you won’t have to park here.