After a successful stint handling small moves for a local moving company across the country, our founder decided that it is time to create his own moving company that will be focused on putting customers first. That is why he moved to Los Angeles more than 20 years ago and started his own local moving company in West Hollywood. 

Since we are local movers in West Hollywood, he decided to come up with a simple and memorable name – Local WEHO Movers. He managed to gather a group of enthusiastic and optimistic people that were willing to work and improve their skills. All of our movers are with us for a long period of time and they need to go through certain training to improve their skills and to learn how to perform a quality move. But quality employees were not enough to climb to the top, especially in a city like Los Angeles. We needed to gain your trust and we did it by performing a quality move and offering you a flexible and customized service. That is how Local WEHO Movers became a trustworthy name in the moving industry. 

Local WEHO Movers is now in the moving business for more than 20 years, we gained the experience to help you with any kind of relocation – residential move, apartment move, house move, office move, labor job or storage relocation. Even if you have a unique moving situation, we are sure we can help you out.

Our focus on customer service has paid off and we became one of the best local movers West Hollywood. Our customers and their reviews were one of the main reasons why we are trying to come up with a new solution when it comes to your local move. We have a group of hard-working, experienced and professional employees, both on the phone and on the field, that are here to dedicate their time and energy in order to organize and perform the best move for you.

Why us?

When it comes to your local movers, you don’t want to hire first movers with the truck you come across. You want someone who is experienced, professional and safe. Let us tell you something more about what we can offer you and why we are the best movers in West Hollywood. 


  • Safety first

Local WEHO Movers have just one goal – for you to be satisfied with our service. We are aware that your items are valuable to you, that is why we are not just furniture movers, we are local movers that will provide you with a full experience. Safety of your items comes first, so we will disassemble your items, wrap them up with blankets and plastic wrap, use moving dollies to safely take them to the truck where they will be padded and loaded in the safest possible way. Once we get to your new home, we will assemble furniture back and place it in the appropriate room. Everything will be done by our team of professional and trained movers that have a lot of experience in the moving industry. Not only our movers and packers are trained, but we do background checks of all of our employees, that is how we can grant you quality moving service. 


  • Efficiency

Whenever our customers hear about hourly rates, the first thing that comes to their mind is that local movers will try to take as much time as possible to finish the move in order to make more money. With Local WEHO Movers, that won’t happen. The reason for that is because our movers are working for paychecks, so it is in everyone’s best interest to finish your move as soon as possible. Although we will try to work fast, we will never jeopardize safety. One of the ways we save your time are wardrobe boxes that are free to use during your local move with us. This way, you don’t have to pack your hanging clothes, we can transport it in these wardrobe boxes that are also free of charge during your move.


  • Affordable and all inclusive rates

We believe that you heard a lot of bad stories about local moving companies and how they overcharge their services. That is what motivated us to create affordable pricing, so everyone can have a quality and professional moving service within their budget. Local WEHO Movers will offer you an all inclusive rate for your move. We don’t want you to have unpleasant surprises on your moving day, that is why we don’t charge anything for fuel, gas, double drive time fee. Not even if we have to handle heavy items or take stairs, it is all part of our job. At the end of the day, you hired professional movers so you don’t have to do heavy lifting.


  • Easy booking process

Local WEHO Movers has a lot of professional sales and customer care agents working in our company for a long time. They have experience to recommend the best possible service for your local move in West Hollywood and that will happen within 10 minutes on the phone. Just let us know some details about the move we need to perform for you and you will get your free moving quote. Booking process is even more simple than getting a quote. 


  • Licenced and Insured

Among a lot of West Hollywood moving companies, we are proud to say that we are licenced and insured. You will have your peace of mind throughout the whole moving process. Our basic coverage insurance is already included in your price, but if you want to have additional third party insurance, we don’t mind. Damages are rare, but even if something happens, you can count on our customer care team. They will work around the clock to find the best possible solution for your problem.


  • Available for you 7 days a week

Not only our moving crews are at your service 7 days a week, but our sales and customer care agents are too. We know how much communication is important when you are planning your move and we want to be here for you for any question or concern you might have.