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Are movers essential services?

Local movers are listed as an essential business. This will give you an additional dose of safety when it comes to your local move. Even during hard times, your professional movers will be there to help you out with your relocation.

Where to get movers?

The most popular way to find a local movers is to type on your google ‘movers near me’ or even better ‘the best movers near me’. After that, it is all about the research. You will have to call a few places, check their online reviews and ask your chosen moving companies anything that you would like to know. In case you have neighbors, friends or relatives that moved in the same area as you, ask them to recommend your moving company. If not, don’t worry, we live in the tech era and everything is easily findable on the internet. Good tip when you are looking for movers – check their google reviews. Or if they are on Yelp, check reviews there. But don’t give up on a moving company because they have one or two bad reviews. It is moving business, damages can happen.

How movers and packers charge?

Most of the local moving companies charge the hourly rates. Rarely you will find local movers that have flat rates, but it is not possible. Always pay extra attention on what is included in the price, what kind of service they offer, are there any additional fees.

When do movers start charging?

This is something that depends on a moving company, but you need to be informed before you decide to schedule a certain company. Some local movers charge since they leave their parking lot/warehouse and some (like Local WEHO Movers) once your move starts. If you are not sure what is the case, ask them directly and they will provide you with the proper information.

What if movers break something?

Whenever you are calling to schedule a move, the first thing you should check is if your professional local movers are licenced and insured. In case they are and it happened they broke something, just call their office and report the damage. The company’s customer care department will take a look at your case and they will work with you to provide you with the best possible solution for your case.

Movers who will pack for you?

Any local moving company has its team of packers and movers. Usually, you just need to let them know when scheduling the move that you would like to have packing assistance as well. This is very convenient because you will have a team of professionals packing your fragile and valuable belongings for you. Not only will you save time, but you will have a peace of mind as well.

How do movers pack clothes?

Even if you didn’t request a full pack service, your professional local movers will probably have wardrobe boxes that you can use during the move. With Local WEHO Movers, those wardrobe boxes are included in the price. You can place all of your hanging clothes in there. When it comes to your foldable clothes, the best is if you can prepack it before movers arrive. Unless you booked packers as well, in that case they will pack your clothes into the boxes.

Can movers move guns?

Due to everyone’s safety, movers usually don’t move guns. If you are hiring local movers, you want them to think about safety first. Moving your guns would be irresponsible on your local movers behalf. The best is for you to move them yourself, safely in your car.

Why tip movers?

If you are happy with the service your local movers and packers performed, you should leave them a tip. It is a way to show them gratitude for safely moving your items. The other question we hear a lot is – How much to tip the movers? This is something that depends on you only. You are definitely not obligated to tip them that is why the amount is something where you can decide.

Can movers work in the rain?

Any professional local movers will use the right equipment to safely move your belongings from point A to point B. Not only when it is raining, but in general. When it is raining, in Local WEHO Movers we use extra protection to make sure everything is safely wrapped and padded and we are trying to avoid any damages to your items due to rainy weather.