Most of our clients that are moving from an apartment don’t even know how different that is from moving a home. Our sales representatives are there to ask you the right questions and to give you tips on how to prepare for your apartment move as much as you can. Here are few things that homeowners don’t have to think about when they are moving and you will have to plan them ahead of time:

  • Landlord/Building manager requests. Sometimes buildings might ask you to follow certain procedures when it comes to your moving. You might need to plan your moving date according to their requests. Some buildings don’t allow moving on weekdays or weekends or you can move only in a specific time frame. Local WEHO Movers is there 7 days a week and we are ready to be flexible as much as we can so we can meet your requests.
  • Certificate of insurance. Usually buildings require a certificate of insurance when you are moving in or out. We can provide you with one free of charge.
  • Elevator reservation. If your building has a freight or service elevator, you might have to reserve it. We will try to be flexible to give you the best possible arrival time. If we have to protect the elevator, just let us know and we will do it free of charge.
  • Long hallways or stairs. If your building doesn’t have an elevator or there are long hallways, you will be happy to hear that we don’t have any fees for that.

Local WEHO Movers has professional and experienced crews of movers and packers that will disassemble and assemble your furniture, wrap everything up for you, use moving dollies to handle heavy items and we will provide you with wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. That is all included in our standard service. All of our rates are all inclusive and without any additional or hidden charges. No fuel, mileage or double drive time fee. Local WEHO Movers is here to provide you with an affordable and joyful moving service.