We are very long in the moving business, so we are aware that packing is one of the most annoying and complicated tasks when it comes to local moves. Not only is it very time consuming, but you need to be extra careful not to damage your personal belongings. Instead of spending weeks packing, you can spend that time with your family and friends organizing your new home for move in.

Our team is professional and they are trained to pack your belongings efficiently and safely. What is your task then? To relax and just open the door for our packers and movers. Everything else will be done by our team. 

Local WEHO Movers will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your packing and that is priceless. Just imagine packing your china, dishes and vases – sounds like a problem. Well, no more, because our packing team has done many similar jobs. 

With our local moving company, packing is not charged additionally, we just add one additional packer to your crew of movers so we can speed up the process. Packing boxes are not included in the price and we always give our clients an option, whether they want to buy their packing material or use our. Our packing boxes are very quality and they can support any heavy items that you have to pack. If you have some boxes, but you are not sure if that is enough, don’t worry, we will have some in our truck just in case. You will be charged just for the ones you used. 

Give us a call and let us do full service for you!