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Have you ever wished to completely skip a very important task you need to finish? Moving is truly one of those tasks. Not even moving, but packing for your move.

Most people tend to procrastinate, leave this part to the last minute and then live to regret that decision. Packing is a very time-consuming process during which you need to be careful and detail-oriented.

That is why most people choose to hire professional packers and movers in Hollywood, instead of relying on themselves to get the job done.

Man taping a cardboard box
Stacked cardboard boxes

What is Included in Our Movers and
Packers Service?

By hiring our Hollywood packers and movers, you will receive an end-to-end professional service during which you truly won’t have to lift a finger.

Packing is not charged additionally at Local West Hollywood Movers, we simply require an extra mover on the job to keep everything organized and safe.

When it comes to packing supplies, you can choose to use ours and purchase them per item used, or you can gather your own supplies and we will take it from there.

We will disassemble your furniture, pack all the smallest items into boxes and make sure they are protected.

Then, we will load our truck and transport your items to your destination before we unpack everything for you and reassemble your furniture back in its designated location.

All in all, we will make sure your entire move with our packers and movers is streamlined and stress-free for maximum comfort on your behalf.

Choose Partial Packing for Smaller Moves

If you don’t need an extra pair of hands for packing and simply need two things packed up by our professional packers and movers: your kitchen and your clothing – we have a special packing service to offer.

Our partial packing service is not charged additionally, nor do we require an additional mover. Simply choose between purchasing our supplies or gathering your own and we will get the job done!