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The time has finally come for you to leave the house you’ve been trying to improve and upgrade for years, but things just don’t work anymore the way they used to and it’s really making life difficult for you. Even though you adore your neighbours, all the little shops where locals know you by name and cafes where you had a cup of coffee with your friends every Saturday, it is really becoming bland to live your life on autopilot every day and you just have to change something and make your life more meaningful and interesting.

It is a big decision to move and start your life from scratch and the one that will change your life in ways you’ve never imagined. You’re thrilled that you’ve finally gained the courage to make such a big change and you’re excited about all the wonderful things that are waiting for you in the new chapter of your life. However, in order for your new life to begin in the first place, you have to go through the process of moving. From finding budget movers to handling all the emotions that both you and your family go through when the decision is finalized, there are many steps along the way that you have to handle well if you really want to start a new chapter of your life on the right foot. 

If you really want all these steps to go smoothly and efficiently, you also have to spend a significant amount of money. Not to mention that you’ve just bought or rented the new house and that expenses are over the top. No matter how big your budget is, it is always useful to try to find budget movers and to do everything to make your relocation less expensive and more successful. Finding good budget movers is a great start, but there are a few other things that can highly affect the expenses of your moving. Movers Los Angeles will tell you the secrets you need to know in the next few tips that we prepared for you.

  1. Get rid of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore

As you could’ve imagined, our tip number one is to declutter and clean up your space. Finding budget movers won’t be very useful if they have to spend the whole day just packing all the unnecessary kitchen supplies, kids’ toys, damaged furniture that has some sentimental value, etc. You have to sit down and really think about what actually has sentimental value and make the house a home. Are those the things or the people who live there? Over the years, we all tend to store so many things around the house that don’t serve us anymore, just make a mess and make our houses smaller until we can’t even turn around anymore or get the stuff that we really need. We like to think that those things are important for us because they bring good memories, but the truth is that we are the ones that hold those memories, and people around us are the ones that those memories are related to, not things. If you already got the chance to start your life on a new slate, why would you bring all the things that you haven’t used for years and continue to feel stuck in the past. Instead, try to make this a priority task and before your budget movers come to your doorstep, get rid of everything that you haven’t used in the past year. It can be an even shorter period when it comes to some old clothes or broken and damaged things. Not only that this will make the process a lot easier and faster for your local movers, but it will also save you a huge amount of money. Not to mention that decluttering the space you live in can declutter your mind as well. When you come to your new home you’ll feel that you really have the chance to start over and to fill your home with meaningful things that actually serve you well, while you have enough space for you and your family to feel comfortable.

  1. While decluttering, try turning unwanted into cash

What can be better than while decluttering your home and making the process of moving more affordable, faster, and easier for your local movers than turning the unnecessary things into actual money? Being one of the best budget movers in the industry, we really care about making the process of relocation affordable and more convenient for your budget. That is why we came up with all these steps that are already tested to work perfectly with saving money. You shouldn’t stop with finding good and affordable movers but also try all the alternative ways. Since we already mentioned the importance of decluttering, the next step would definitely be to try to make some money of all those things that you don’t need anymore. Of course, there are things that are only good for throwing them away and never seeing them again, but we are sure that your house is full of useful things that can mean a lot to someone. Kitchen appliances, old furniture, tools that you haven’t used for years, your children’s toys, decorations that you’ve outgrown, and the list goes on. Even though you don’t find these things necessary for your home, there are always people who need exactly the things that you are giving away. Before your budget movers come to your doorstep, make a garage sale, an online sale, try to sell as many things as you can. Not only that it will bring you additional cash, but you’ll also feel great that you’ve managed to help someone in the process as well. Everything’s better than just sitting and worrying about the debts you’ll get in and all the money and hard work that you have to invest. Changing your mindset will definitely change your moving game.

  1. Take time to research thoroughly and find good budget movers

We’ve been mentioning budget movers since the beginning of the text since we find this step pretty obvious, but many people aren’t aware of how many local movers are out there and they all claim to be affordable movers who will handle your relocation perfectly and provide you with the best services you can possibly get. Unfortunately, this is far from true and more and more people are getting scammed every day. Finding good movers is not the same as finding budget movers. When it comes to finding good local movers, the rule that price equals quality doesn’t really apply, since there are a lot of excellent budget movers out there, you just have to take time to find them. Nowadays, writing “budget movers” or “affordable movers” in your Google bar will lead you to the list of hundreds of local movers who all claim to be able to provide the perfect relocation for the most affordable price. Taking the time to research their websites, read previous experiences of their customers, get in touch with them, get moving quotes and compare them is what will lead you to find both good and budget movers. Also, when it comes to movers Los Angeles, you can choose between many different services and choose the ones that are good for your budget, schedule, and lifestyle. We always think that the best deal is to get both packing and moving done by local movers because both parts of the process are equally important and can jeopardize the success of the whole relocation if done poorly. However, if you think that you can handle one of these things on your own, that means that you will get more affordable service. Make sure to give your budget movers a call, schedule a meeting and find out everything there is to know about their services, and choose the best deal for you. Even though it takes more of your time, this can save a significant amount of money.

  1. Think about the timing of your relocation

Well, of course, that some of the local movers don’t want you to know this, but the moving season really is a thing, and trying to think of your timing wisely can make your relocation a lot more affordable than it would be if you just choose the date that is most convenient. It somehow became a rule that everybody wants to move in the summer and everybody wants to move during the weekend. Let us tell you a secret, moving at the peak of the moving season will hardly be helpful with finding good budget movers. For some people, it is inevitable to move at this time, and in those cases, what you can do is to try to plan your moving long in advance, so you can schedule your budget movers earlier and therefore, get them for a lower price. However, if there is any chance for you to avoid moving in this period, we highly advise you to consider other options, since that can greatly impact the expenses of your moving. No matter when you decide to move, one of the things that you should always think about is planning. Not only that you have to schedule your budget movers in a timely manner, but you also need to know the exact date of the moving so you can make a timeline and have enough time to finish all tasks along the way that will lead you to successful and affordable relocation. 

  1. Don’t forget the utilities

With all these big and important steps you need to take, some of the smaller things can be easily forgotten, but if not handled promptly they can make your life a lot more difficult after the relocation is over and your expenses a lot higher. Something that can also make an impact when it comes to moving on a budget is handling your utilities in a timely manner. Contact all the companies that you need and make sure that your utilities are switched off at your old home the day after you leave and switched on at your new home the day before you arrive. Why would you pay for the services you are not using, if you can think in advance and make sure that everything is organized in such a way that the day your budget movers come to your doorstep, all the other things are already taken care of and you can be sure that your relocation will be as efficient and stress-free as it could possibly be and you are not wasting money in the process.

  1. Don’t make packing troublesome and pricey

Our last tip is all about, in the words of our customers, the worst part of the relocation – packing. Many people think that finding budget movers mean that you should try to do as many things as possible on your own and get the help of professional local movers just in the things that are really impossible for you to handle. Well, this is not really true. Movers Los Angeles always advise you to get a price estimate of the budget movers that you’ve chosen for all the services that you need and then put on the paper price of packing supplies, renting a moving truck, and other things that you’ll have to pay for if you decide to do them on your own. You’ll probably realize that price of your budget movers is not high at all considering everything that you’re getting. Packing is a crucial part of moving since poor packing can lead to damaging your belongings on the way and ending up with having more expenses than you could’ve imagined. Having budget movers handle both your packing and moving is our advice number one for saving both money and your peace of mind, but if you do consider packing on your own, you can try to save money by improvising with packing supplies. Instead of buying boxes, you can take the time to explore local shops and supermarkets and try to find good quality boxes that you can get for free since they don’t need them anymore. You can try to use some other materials, like blankets and bed sheets that you have around the house instead of professional moving blankets. If you really put a lot of time and effort into packing, you can actually end up with pretty decent packing by yourself and save some money. However, you should be aware that this is everything but easy and simple.

We don’t want to overwhelm you, so we’ll end with these 5 main tips for moving on a budget. If you need budget movers and want to hear all the other tips that we have, don’t be a stranger. Give Local WEHO Movers a call and let’s think together of the best way to make your relocation as successful and affordable as it could possibly be.